Kombucha Subscription: Save 17%

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Kombucha Subscription: Save 17%

Kombuchery is the healthy way to refresh yourself:

Fermented Organic Kombucha with probiotic cultures, nutrients and 100% delicious taste !

3 reasons why you should finally try Kombuchery:

  • 1. Uncompromising refreshment

    Fermented raw kombucha with only 9 calories, over 32 nutrients, vitamins and probiotics

  • 2. Your low-calorie frequent drink

    Vegan organic ingredients without additives with up to 80% less sugar than unhealthy lemonades

  • 3. Not only quench your thirst

    Sustainable and innovative start-up from Berlin: Each bottle donates to Viva con Agua

Save 20% on the mixed package with all 5 varieties. Delivered free of charge.

  • Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
  • Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
  • Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
  • Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
  • Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
  • Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
  • Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Sparkling Kombucha refreshment ideal for trying
Kombucha is packed with probiotics, vitamins and nutrients
  • Free shipping: With you in 1-2 days
  • Viva con Agua drinking water donation

Why Kombuchery is good for you and your body?

Kombucha is the perfect addition to a balanced diet. With only 2.4g of sugar, Kombuchery is not only particularly low in calories, but also contains up to 77% less sugar than most lemonades and 50% less sugar than many other Kombucha.

The acetic acid it contains also stimulates the metabolism and can help the body break down fat.

As a young startup, sustainability is important to us and we are climate neutral. To this end, we promote the expansion of wind energy in northeastern Brazil and offset all unavoidable emissions since the company was founded.

Together with Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli eV we are also building drinking water and sanitary facilities in Africa.

The many living and good bacteria from kombucha can be integrated into almost any diet and help your intestines to stay in a healthy balance and fight off bad bacteria. The enzymes it contains also help the intestine to break down food into its individual parts and regulate the metabolic processes.

However, kombucha is not only good for the intestines! Organic acids such as glucuronic acid, dextrorotatory lactic acid and acetic acid, polysaccharides as well as enzymes, vitamins and minerals are formed during fermentation.

We don't compromise. Kombuchery is healthy with 100% delicious taste.
We use healthy kombucha tea in its pure form as a basis and combine it with organic spices and fruits such as ginger or passion fruit. This creates a tingling and sweet and sour taste that you will love! Completely without aromas and artificial additives.

Kombuchery offers you the perfect alternative if you don't feel like unhealthy sodas or boring water.

Have you ever wondered how you refresh yourself every day...

  • Kombuchery Kombucha

    ✓ Organic tea with organic ingredients

    ✓ 2.4g raw cane sugar/100ml

    ✓ 32 nutrients & 9 vitamins

    ✓ Supports Viva con Agua

  • Conventional lemonades

    ✕ Common Concentrates & Flavors

    ✕ Up to 15g sugar/100ml

    ✕ Lots of chemistry, little natural

    ✕ Supports large corporations

Support a sustainable startup from Berlin

Kombucha was previously known as a bland or sweet tea drink - not at Kombuchery!

Day after day we want to establish kombuchery as a healthy and tasty refreshment and declare war on the beverage companies.

Be there while our young start-up revolutionizes the beverage industry within a very short time.

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    “ I finally found real kombucha”

    Charlotte Wise
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    “ Kombuchery is my daily highlight”

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    “ Kombuchery was able to convince me”

    Andrea Plewig
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    “ Kombuchery is just really good for me”

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    “ Refresh me healthy and stay more active”

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    “ Best kombucha I've tried”

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    “ Delicious and tastes like summer”

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    “ My healthy refreshment - So delicious”

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    “ Kombuchery tastes super refreshing”