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Always kombucha in the house! The Kombuchery subscription:The regular portion of health & Kombucha!

Drinking kombucha regularly strengthens the body and mind in almost countless ways.

But before we rave about the many nutrients, lactic acids and vitamins again, we'd rather show you how easy it is to ALWAYS have a kombucha in the house.

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The Kombuchery subscription provides you with the best on a regular basis
Organic kombucha.

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Our Kombucha Subscription is the most convenient way to enjoy regular kombucha at home! At an interval determined by you (every 1 to 8 weeks), we will deliver 12 bottles of your favorite kombucha to your home safely packed. You save 15% with every delivery.

You can cancel or pause the Kombucha Subscription at any time. There is no contract term or commitment. In your customer account you can make every change yourself and with one click, for example pausing, canceling, changing products, address or interval.

You can make all settings yourself at any time in your customer account under "Manage Subscription".

1. Energy Boost⚡️
Kombucha is the perfect alternative to coffee. The iron created by fermentation can better circulate your oxygen and you feel fitter right away. B vitamins and natural caffeine can ensure a consistently high level of energy.

2. Living cultures🦠
The various living cultures and microorganisms contained in the Kombucha can optimally help you to keep your acid balance in the intestine in a healthy environment and to build up a healthy intestinal flora.

3. Support your digestion🤰
Your digestive process can easily be improved with Kombucha. The many living probiotic organisms and enzymes can help you break down various toxins and wastes and thus support your digestive process. Your strengthened intestines can digest better and, for example, fight disease-causing fungi. In the best case scenario, a healthy gastrointestinal tract results in a strong immune system.

4. Antibacterial effect🌱
The acetic acid contained in kombucha can have a strong antibacterial effect.

5. Detoxifying effect🍀
The polyphenols, acids and enzymes contained in green tea and kombucha (enzyme: bromelain, acids: e.g. glucuronic acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, usnic acid) can act as powerful antioxidants and protect your body from harmful influences and promote your liver health.

6. A real vitamin bomb🌈
The tea drink can supply your body with organic acids, vitamins C, B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 (folic acid) and B12. A perfect supplier of vitamins. Especially for vegans who care about their B vitamin budget. In addition, many vitamins can also have a rejuvenating effect on your body cells.

7. Kombucha can lower cholesterol levels️ 
The decanoic acid (known as capric acid) it contains can help balance the ratio of good cholesterol (HDL) to bad cholesterol (LDL).hen.

8. Blood sugar level🧁
The chemical composition can help regulate blood sugar levels and maintain the level of glucose in the blood. A stable blood sugar level can also be a good protection against food cravings.

9. Unique taste😋
Somewhat sweet, but also a bit sour in taste and surprisingly sparkling and refreshing. The taste is hard to describe and incomparable to conventional lemonades. Many artificial sweeteners and ingredients are also often added to these. Not in our kombucha! All natural, no added sugar, no artificial additives!

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