Kombucha Subscription: Save 17%

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Kombucha Subscription: Save 17%

Kombu... what? Kombucha!

Forget everything you know about kombucha. We have rethought kombucha!

Rediscover kombucha for yourself

Despite its millennia-old tradition, you don't know Kombucha yet?

Kombucha originated in Asia over 2,000 years ago and is a fermented tea drink made from four natural, organic ingredients.

During the week-long fermentation, the bacteria and yeasts in the kombucha culture metabolize the sweetened tea infusion.

This produces over 32 healthy nutrients, probiotics and vitamins. Thanks to these ingredients, kombucha is a nutritional bomb and has many health-promoting effects.

Kombucha becomes kombuchery

Kombucha was previously known as a bland or sweet tea drink - not at Kombuchery!

Often kombucha was heated or pasteurized, consisted of concentrates and was full of sugar. So there was nothing left of the many healthy effects - completely different with kombuchery!

We make no compromises in production. Our kombucha is always raw and full of live microorganisms.

Our secret: Delicious taste despite little sugar

We use healthy kombucha tea in its pure form as a base and combine it with organic fruits such as ginger or passion fruit.

This creates a sparkling and sweet and sour taste that you will love! Completely without flavors or artificial additives.

With only 2.4g of sugar, Kombuchery is not only particularly low in calories, but also contains up to 77% less sugar than most lemonades and 50% less sugar than many other kombucha.

Kombuchery offers you the perfect alternative if you don't feel like unhealthy sodas or boring water.

Do good with every sip

We have lived social commitment since day one. Together with Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli eV we are building drinking water and sanitary facilities in Africa.

We also bottle our kombucha in environmentally friendly reusable glass bottles in a social inclusion workshop.

As a young startup, sustainability is important to us and we are climate neutral. To this end, we are promoting the expansion of wind energy in northeastern Brazil and compensating for all unavoidable emissions since its founding.

Our motto: be alive

Day after day we want to establish kombuchery as a healthy and tasty refreshment and declare war on the beverage companies.

Be there while our young start-up revolutionizes the beverage industry within a very short time.