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Deposit Return

Thank you for purchasing our delicious organic kombucha. Apparently you like it and you already have the first empty bottles.

For the sake of the environment, we only use sustainable reusable glass bottles with a deposit of 0.15 per bottle. This corresponds to a total of 1.80 per box of 12. This amount is added separately to the shipping costs in the shop and is included in the total price on Amazon.n.

You have two options for returning our reusable bottles:

1. Free returns with DHL
2. Return to retailers who stock the bottle

1. Free deposit return

DHL delivers your bottles directly to your front door - Why don't you send your deposit back to us directly? We've reimagined deposit return to make it as convenient as possible so you don't have to lug around bottles anymore!

  1. Collect at least 24 empty bottles in original boxes
  2. Apply for a free return label online
  3. Glue up to 4 boxes together into one large package → return label is sufficient for all boxes
  4. Delivery to a DHL branch or to the DHL driver:in
  5. Automatic reimbursement with voucher code within max. 2-4 weeks after checking in our bottle washing system
  6. Cleaning and refilling of returnable bottles

Our request: We have reduced the deposit return from 48 to 24 bottles as a gesture of goodwill. For ecological and economic reasons, however, we ask that you return four boxes or more to us whenever possible. This helps us as a start-up and the environment.

Explanatory video for returning a deposit:

2. Returns to retailers

In general, returnable bottles can be returned to any retailer that also stocks the bottles. You can find our retailers throughout Germanyhere.

You can hand in our bottles locally to the following reverse vending machine manufacturers. All manufacturers are represented by the usual retail chains, but unfortunately there are no "official" lists or maps that show the exact locations:

- Diebold Nixdorf (25,000+ reverse vending machines): EAN registered - return possible if the market has containers such as KOMBUCHERY, Wolfra or Ti
- TOMRA (9,000+ reverse vending machines): EAN registered - return possible if the market has containers such as KOMBUCHERY, Wolfra or Ti
- Sielaff (6,000+ reverse vending machines): EAN registered, return possible if market stocks e.g. KOMBUCHERY, Wolfra or Ti
- Trautwein SB Technik: Packs registered - Return possible if market stocks packs, e.g. KOMBUCHERY, Wolfra or Ti

We are working flat out to make it even easier for you to exchange our bottles for a deposit throughout Germany!

Important NOTE:
Many reverse vending machines recognize the bottle based on the coding on the bottom of the bottle. Please insert the bottle with the coding facing up and first into the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At first glance, returning by DHL may seem cumbersome and less environmentally friendly than returning to retail. But if you look at the balances of the two transport routes, you can see that they differ little:

The package is sent via DHL directly to our bottle rinsing system, where the bottles are cleaned directly.

When you return it to a retailer, the route is shorter for you as a customer, but the route for the bottle is longer: All bottles are first unsorted into the warehouse and then taken to a central collection point. They are then sorted by hand by another service provider and only then sent to the cleaning department.

Very easily! From our point of view, the reusable glass bottle is the most sustainable and best packaging for our Kombucha. Our bottles can be refilled up to 50 times and therefore have a significantly lower CO₂ balance over their lifetime. Plastic bottles or even cans are not an alternative for a quality aspect with a raw kombucha, as well as for reasons of sustainability!

The free return of returnable bottles with DHL is only possible from a minimum number of 24 bottles. We had to set this minimum number, otherwise the environmental and economic impact of transport would outweigh the added value of reuse.

However, the return is best for the reusable cycle only from 48 bottles. This means that from 48 bottles, the reused bottle is not only cheaper than a new one, but also much more sustainable. So if you not only want to support us, but also the environment, then collect your bottles and wait until you have 48 pieces before returning them.

The return label can also be printed out at the DHL branch or by the DHL driver if you show the QR code there.

No! You can send up to four boxes of 12 as one large package with one shipment, ie with one label. To do this, tape the boxes together to form a large package and stick the label on the entire, large package.

In the last few months we have had to realize that unfortunately too few returnable returnable bottles have been returned, both through the sale in retail stores and through the return shipment. In many cases, this was due to the low deposit value of €0.15. At the same time, the raw material costs for glass bottles have risen dramatically, so that we make a loss with every bottle that is not returned. This led to the increase in the deposit value to €0.25.

When returning the deposit via DHL, you will receive the 0.25€ in the future without any problems. If you return the bottles in retail and there is a difference, simply send us a photo of the receipt or deposit receipt and we will refund the difference using the payment method stored.