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How suitable is kombucha for pregnant women and children? All the answers about the alcohol level!

Who should drink kombucha 

We will briefly explain how much alcohol is in the kombucha and how it is made. Who should be careful when consuming fermented tea drinks? Here you can find all the important information. 

How is alcohol made in kombucha?

An alternative soft drink that contains alcohol Even if it sounds contradicting itself, the whole thing is not that absurd. You just have to know how alcohol is produced and at what level alcohol can be really unhealthy. All fermented drinks contain a certain percentage of alcohol. This is created during fermentation. Put simply, the yeast of the kombucha mushroom begins to eat the sugar from the previously sweetened tea. The Kombucha culture then produces ethanol and carbon dioxide. In the end, these ensure the sparkling carbon dioxide in the kombucha. Sugar is split into alcohol and carbon dioxide and the tea fungus can also form the many healthy acids and ingredients.

How much alcohol does kombucha contain?

First of all, it's important to understand that the length and type of fermentation will also affect the alcohol content in the kombucha. It can contain up to 3% alcohol. Usually it is actually less. After 14 days of fermentation, the alcohol value is around 0.5 to 1 percent. Similar to an orange juice. Kombucha that has not been pasteurized and continues to ferment continuously, so the alcohol content can vary. According to German food law, a drink with a maximum of 0.5% alcohol can be described as "non-alcoholic".  

Who shouldn't drink kombucha??

Due to the low but still present alcohol content, pregnant and breastfeeding women should play it safe and not drink kombucha. For the same reason, children should not consume kombucha too often or daily for the same reason (a maximum amount of approx. 125 ml per day is recommended). In addition, people with histamine intolerance should avoid the fermented tea drink.
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