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KOMBUCHERY - The foundation of our startup company

Childhood memories of kombucha

Let's go back in time a few years and imagine our childhood. We remember how our grandmothers brewed a healthy drink with a round brownish something.n. Sometimes they also brought home a brown bottle of the tea drink from the health food store.

Even back then, our grandmothers appreciated the many nutrients in kombucha

They wanted to protect us from dangerous colds and stomach pains. At that time we found the cold tea to be rather bland and took some getting used to. We certainly couldn't imagine that one day he would become our great passion.

Years later we fell in love with the drink again

Many years later, something suddenly became clear to Max (KOMBUCHERY founder) during his time on the west coast of America. Kombucha is much more than that bland drink from grandma.

At that time, there were already countless Kombucha manufacturers in the USA. Refreshing tea beverages could be bought in retail outlets and many cafés. This type of fermented tea drink made him instantly addicted. Back in Germany he started fermenting himself at home. The myriad of interesting tastes did not let go of him.

Friends and colleagues immediately loved the homemade kombucha

The sparkling tea drink was immediately well received by his friends and colleagues and thus brought our KOMBUCHERY team together. We founded the Kombucha Brewery = KOMBUCHERY. This enabled us not only to combine our passion for drinks, but also years of experience in marketing, design and clever sales talents.

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There must be more in the bottle than just kombucha

It was clear to all of us that if we really dare to start a company, we have to stand behind the ingredients 100%. We wanted to create a drink that was refreshing and sparkling like a traditional soft drink, but much more useful for the customer. A drink that is made fairly and is 100% organic and raw.Through the continued traditional and unpasteurized production, we can build on grandma's tradition. At the same time, we have the opportunity to reinvent the drink with exciting flavors. A live, gluten- and lactose-free soft drink. It only offers advantages over conventional soft drinks. 

Less sugar than other kombucha makers

Our mission is to replace beverages with industrial sugar and artificial additives. That's why we use 40% less sugar than most other manufacturers. Kombucha has innumerable beneficial properties. It offers thousands of opportunities to develop exotic and refreshing tastes. We will not stop researching them and working out the perfect and natural flavors for you.

Welcome to the KOMBUCHERY family!


KOMBUCHERY Blog Autor Merle 

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You can find more of my articles from A, such as non-alcoholic kombucha cocktails to Z, such as lemon- Ginger kombucha, on oursKOMBUCHERY blog. Let's learn more about kombucha together!
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