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Shelf life of Kombucha - That's why it belongs in the fridge!

All the facts about the shelf life and storage of the fermented tea beverage

Unpasteurized vs. Pasteurized Kombucha

We only sell unpasteurized Kombucha. For a very simple reason! During pasteurization, the tea beverage is heated. In the process, it loses almost all of its valuable nutrients and probiotic bacteria. Still a refreshing drink at the end, but no more than a soft drink.

How long does kombucha keep? How do I store the fermented tea beverage?

The finished tea drink can be kept for up to 9 months. After bottling, the fermentation process does not stop automatically. From time to time Kombucha becomes a little more acidic and gets more sparkling natural carbonic acid. But he never really gets bad. Therefore, the drink should be stored as cool and dark as possible. This works best in the fridge or in a cold basement room. Here it is only exposed to a few external influences and can be stored in peace. The shelf life can be extended by some time. Constant cooling delays the fermentation and it only slowly becomes a little more acidic.

Watch out!

Some big kombucha manufacturers pasteurize their drinks and add artificial probiotics and then advertise a probiotic drink.

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