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Reduce stress - How the fermented tea drink helps

Stress is bad for the immune system

Our immune system is exposed to constant stress and should not be additionally irritated in everyday life. We have worked out 5 reasons for you how kombucha can help reduce and prevent stress. In addition to yoga and meditation, the tea drink is a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.

5 ways to relax with kombucha

1. Better to be a Kombuchaholic than a Coffeeholic?

Swap the coffee for in the morningKombucha. It can help you wake up without consuming too much caffeine. The L-theanine in tea can counteract the harmful effects of caffeine and you still have the extra energy you need in the morning.

2. Alcohol to come down but please in healthyd

Kombucha has a much lower alcohol content than beer and wine, for example. Nevertheless, Kombucha has a super low alcohol content due to the natural fermentation, which can give you a pleasant, relaxed feeling without being harmful to your body.

3. Kombucha as an adaptogen Adaptowass?

Adaptogens are certain plant ingredients that can help minimize stress. An adaptogen can have a regulating effect on the body and help to better deal with various stimuli. If you are often exhausted and tired, it can have a stimulating effect on you. Are you stressed out and excited a very calming one.

4. Healthy digestion equals less stress

Stress and the gut are not a good team. For many of us, stress immediately hits our stomachs and causes uncomfortable pain. If you protect your intestines and drink Kombucha with beneficial bacteria, you can prevent unnecessary irritation.

5. Vitamin B and C for depression and bad mood

Kombucha contains vitamins B1, B6 and B12. All of these vitamins are known to help the body fight depression. They also ensure a good sense of wellbeing and can promote concentration. Vitamin C can also help reduce the production of cortisol (a stress hormone).

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