Kombucha Fermentation grosses Glas wird mit Baumwolltuch abgedeckt

Fermentation at home without a starter set

Fermentation works so easily without an overpriced starter kit!

There are a few online vendors who sell kombucha fermentation kits and kombucha starter sets for expensive money. However, it doesn't take much for kombucha fermentation at home. It's that easy to grow a kombucha mushroom from our raw Raw Original !

You need these utensils to breed your own Scoby:

  • 1 large vessel made of glass with a wide opening, rinsed well without detergent!!
  • tea – Black tea (without flavorings / artificial additives)
  • OrganicRaw cane sugar
  • water – filtered at best
  • unpasteurized Kombucha (e.g.Kombucha Original )
  • 1 air-permeable clean Cloth
  • 1 elastic band
  • 1 room with a temperature between 20 and 30 degrees


Grosses Glas mit Tuch abgedeckt Kombucha Pilz Seitenansicht


Here's how you can grow your Scoby from a Raw Original Kombucha:

  • Tea with cane sugar Bring to the boil for 8 to 10 minutes (8 g tea per liter / 60 g organic cane sugar per liter).
  • Tea and sugar mixture in the vessel Put out of glass and let cool down for a long time.
  • The glass cover with the cloth and fasten with a rubber!
  • The sugar should now be completely dissolved.
  • Now in a ratio of 1 to 10 the Added unpasteurized kombucha will.
  • Then reattach the cloth to the jar and place the glass in a safe place.
  • Depending on the conditions, it can 7 to 21 days take until the kombucha mushroom has formed on its own.
At first it looks like small bubbles of foam are forming on the surface of the liquid. Over time, these become more and more dense until the kombucha mushroom can slowly be recognized. Patience is worth it!


Maenerhand haelt Kombucha Pilz ueber weisser Schuessel Holztisch


In the following, we will explain how you can properly prepare your first kombucha without a starter kit. Have fun fermenting!

Before you can brew your kombucha you need (per liter):

  • 1 glass jar with a volume of at least 1.5 liters and a large opening (well rinsed without detergent).
  • 8 g Black tea or green tea
  • 100 g sugar
  • 1 liter water (best filtered)
  • Starter liquid or finished as very sour raw kombucha with a neutral taste Batch liquid .
  • 1 breathable Cloth
Of course, you now need the Kombucha mushroom that you previously cultivated. This does not have to look perfectly round and can have a few bulges. It continues to grow and thrive during fermentation.You will find out how you can take care of himhere.


    Schuesseln mit schwarzem gruenem Tee Frau giesst Wasser aus Karaffe in Kupfertopf mit Tee


    Brew your first kombucha yourself Let's go!!

    • First you bring 1 liter of water in a large saucepan for boiling . Subsequently 8 g black tea with it u give and for 12 to 15 minutes Let simmer (while the water is simmering).
    • Then pour off the tea and then 100 g of sugar add. The sugar must be stirred until it is completely in the teadissolved has.
    • It is now very important that you let the sugar-infused tea cool in a glass vessel to at least 25 degrees room temperature. The sensitive Scoby must never be immersed in hot waterwill. The living bacteria and yeasts as well as proteins can be destroyed in this way.
    • Now you add to the tea mixture 100 ml of the batch liquid .
    • Then you give the previously carefully rinsed off Scoby timidlywith in the vessel .
    • You can now open the glass vessel cover with the cloth and secure with a rubber.

    Kombucha Fermentation grosses Glas wird mit Baumwolltuch abgedeckt


    Now the Scoby has about a week to process the ingredients of the tea, so to speak "to feed it up". If it lies on the bottom of the vessel, the scoby becomes a little larger and usually forms more scoby "offshoots". Often the scoby swims and over time a thicker kombucha mushroom will appear on the top of the glass.

    • Does the kombucha mushroom after about 7 days, the right fermentationDegree achieved (Depending on your preferences and taste, we recommend a pH value between 2.9 and 3.1) you can carefully remove the scoby from the kombucha liquid and use lukewarm water to remove any tar residues.
    • You can store the Scoby in some bottled kombucha liquid (new starter liquid) for the next fermentation.
    • Before you can fill the kombucha into bottles, we recommend filtering the liquid through a very fine sieve or alternatively through a layer of kitchen roll. But this is not a prerequisite for enjoying it.
    • Then the kombucha should be at room temperature again for approx. 2 days in a closed bottle time for the second fermentation to get. The natural carbonic acid can then also form here.

    Now you've made it and brewed your first own kombucha without a starter kit. You can find more articles and recipes for second fermentation on our KOMBUCHERY blog.

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