Kombucha Gin Cocktail

Cocktail recipes with kombucha - delicious summer drinks with Rinocero gin!

Your perfect gin and tonic alternative for warm summer days!

Summer is finally just around the corner! We have developed two refreshing cocktail recipes with Kombucha for you with our bartender Matthias.

The perfect mix partner Rinocero Gin is made with love in a family-run distillery in the Ruhr area. Every bottle is handcrafted with great attention to detail. Exquisite exotics such as goji berries, physalis and mate are complemented by delicate rose petals and lemon balm. Just made for our Mate Kombucha. Here we go!

Gin Kombucha Mate

What you need (1 cocktail):

3cl Rinocero Gin (or alternative).

3cl Pallini Limoncello

Kombuchery Mate

1 lemon

highball glass

Ice cubes

And this is how it is mixed:

1. fill long drink glass with some ice

2. Add 3cl Rinocero Gin (or alternative).

3. Add 3cl Pallini Limoncello

4. fill up with kombuchery mate

5. Stir!

6. Add Lemon

7. Enjoy!

Kombucha Summer

This cocktail is for the real professionals among you!

What you need (1 cocktail):

3cl Rinocero Gin (or alternative)
1,5cl Calvados Drouin VSOP
2,5cl lemon juice
0,75cl Giffard Pomegranate
1bl Luxardo Maraschino (approx. 0,5cl)
Kombuchery Original
Longdrink glass
Ice cubes
And this is how it is mixed!

Put the gin, calvados, lemon juice, Giffard and Luxardo in a shaker and shake.
Strain the mixture into a highball glass on ice
Fill up with Kombuchery Orginal
Enjoy cold!

Watch out! We have a little thank you from the distillery friends for you! You save with the discount code KOMBUCHASOMMER5 whole 5€ in their online store!

Our Kombucha is easily delivered to your home in a convenient 12-pack or a 6-pack tasting box.

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